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improper: in waves across, RH to Neighbor, Ladies LH in center
A1. Waves balance, walk forward to new Neighbors (8)
RH (wrist) star 3 places; Neighbors pull by R across (8)
A2. Partners L alleman 1.5 (8)
Partners promenade across (8)
B1. Ladies R alleman 1 (6)
Partner swing (10)
B2. Gents L alleman 1.5 (8)
Neighbors R alleman ~1.5 (8) to waves across
(1/2017) Ladies chain is a complex figure! While some include it in beginner sessions, personally i'd rather spend time orienting first-time dancers to foundational elements like weight-sharing and contra community norms. I've sought here to deconstruct both chain and R&L through, focusing dancers on the A2 promenade and two exaggerated, hands-connected "pass R" elements in A1. From A1 to A2, ladies may need a reminder to turn left toward their partner for the alleman - a direction crucial to the square-through, found in every standard courtesy turn.

"Ice" variation: B2 Gents left hey, Ladies ricochet, to a R alleman.

"Heavy Water" variation: If dancers are already familiar with the courtesy turn, make A2 a Partner power turn and promenade across.

"Super-heavy Water" variation: That substitution, and turn facing in place of one to all of the three remaining allemans, transform this into a dance suited to more seasoned dancers and crowded spaces.