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Twirly Minds Think Alike

video: "Twirly Minds" in Cape Girardeau, MO

A1. Neighbors: with inside hands balance, and star through (8)
Long lines go forward & back (8)
A2. Gents in front: mad robin (6)
Gents pass L: 3/4 hey across the set (10)
B1. Partners turn facing and swing (16)
B2. Circle L 3 places (6)
Do-si-do 1.5 to meet new Neighbors (10)
(2/2009) Opportunities to tease your partner with eye contact begin with the long lines forward and back, and continue through the mad robin and hey.

Designed to be a little coquettish, and danced for the first time on Valentine's Day 2009, this dance was originally titled "Dirty Minds Think Alike." However, given my desire to help make the dance community a safer space, more mindful of how dancers express subtext and what young women experience, i retitled it in January 2017.