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Tilting at Whirligigs

A1. As in Chorus Jig:
#1s separate to outside and travel 2 places along the set (8)
(if swinging, #2s retire!)
#1s step to center: return, and (#2s arms below) cast off proper (8)
A2. #1s L alleman 1.5 (8) and
(Gents arms below) pick up Neighbors
#1s Neighbor star promenade and butterfly whirl (8)
(stay connected!)
B1. #2s catch R hands:
#2s Neighbor star promenade and butterfly whirl (8)
(barrel hold) Neighbors swing (8)
B2. #1s half figure-eight up (8)
through #2s, who may ricochet
#1s swing below (8)
(2016) As Chorus Jig is danced in southern NH: in A1, #2s may choose whether or not to steal an 8 count swing before returning to place. Arms-behind hold is common to cast off, star promenade, and butterfly whirl. Which dancer's arm is below in the cast off matters here - #2s arms go below as #1s will be reaching for the L alleman. In B1, a symmetrical "barrel swing" hold works best: both dancers have right hands behind the other's shoulder blade, and left hands as a flat paddle on the shoulder.

"An Other, Whirled" (Chris Page) and "Fractal Frolic" (Cary Ravitz) made me wonder how star promenades would fly in a proper dance. Participants at a January 2017 dance testing event gave it good marks, offering feedback that became these teaching notes, and supplied suggestions that led to this title, a reference to my sometimes quixotic tendencies as a dance leader.