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The Trouble with Trible

becket R: from improper, circle L 3 places
A1. Gents pass L: half hey, Ladies ricochet (8)
Neighbors swing (8)
A2. Long lines forward; on return, Ladies same Nbr rollaway (8)
R&L through (roles reversed on courtesy turn!) (8)
B1. LH star full to progress (8)
with new Neighbors:
Gents [callers' choice] WHILE Ladies orbit CW half (8)
B2. Partners balance & swing (16)
(2016) A1 can be simplified to Gents L alleman 1.5, Neighbor swing, as necessary. Ladies need to lead assertively for a satisfying rollaway and the courtesy turn thereafter. Please note it’s a standard left-hands-in-front courtesy turn with the roles swapped: Neighbors join left hands in front, right hands behind the gent's back.

Callers' choice: In the right crowd, the transition from a Gents symmetric-hold swing to a partner balance and swing can be the most exciting moment of this dance - but not all dancers are ready for 23rd century contra. Challenge dancers, or choose what the community you're calling for will be most at home with - a Gents do-si-do, turn facing, or right-hand alleman are all equally workable options while Ladies orbit.

Written for Tucson dancer Carol Trible, commissioned by her partner Lynn Maners; besides the wordplay on Carol's surname, the two count among their social sphere sci-fi scribe David Gerrold. Lynn’s dance title and choreography request - the Ladies orbit - suggested a twist on Mike Richardson’s dance "Star Trek" (and the wider family of star-to-progress dances).