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video: "Sourdough" in Topsham, ME

A1. Ring balance; Ladies Neighbor rollaway (with a half sashay) along (8)
Ring balance; Gents Partner rollaway across (8)
A2. Neighbor balance and swing (16)
B1. Circle L 3 places (6)
Partner swing (10)
B2. Ring balance; Ladies Partner rollaway along (8)
Ring balance; all spin R and face new Neighbors (8)
(2/2017) Another loaf of "Bread" for dancers already familiar with the Petronella spin. Note that ladies rolling gents may defy dancer expectations.

Becket R variation to end with a partner swing and put all ring balances in music A part: from improper, circle L 3 places and start dance at B2. Additionally, A2 balance can be omitted to articulate as roll partner swing neighbor "wowee" allowing 16 count neighbor choice interaction.