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Soul Reversal

becket: from improper, ladies trade places
A1. in waves across (LH to Partner, Gents RH in center), balance (4)
Gents R alleman half, passing L with Neighbors (4) as
Ladies chain across(8)
A2. in a ring, balance and Petronella turn; repeat (8,8)
B1. in a ring, balance (4) and Wowee:
Gents Neighbors roll away and Partners swing (12)
B2. Circle L 3 places (8)
turning toward Partner, face new neighbors, with whom you
Circle R 3 places and melt into new waves (8)
(3/2011) The dance progresses as a becket clockwise. Bob Isaacs teaches the "wowee" as a move which requires three hands: you roll away from one hand to the other, and reach out with the newly free hand to catch the one you'll swing. With good weight-sharing, it's a very satisfying move - but not the best in crowded sets.

Solving the problem of how to combine these particular moves in a way that flows owes much to Rick Mohr. I first ran across the "reverse becket" orientation in his dance "Retronella"; same for the progression, which i first encountered in "Comfort Deluxe". Thanks to Rick for his comments on the choreography, and to Nils Fredland for making this dance a hit!