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A Ravitzingly Rosy Recombination

becket: from improper, circle R 3 places
A1. Long lines go forward & back (8)
Ladies chain across (8)
A2. Ladies lead: Circle R almost full (8)
New Neighbors (turn around, bright eyes!) swing (8)
B1. Circle L 3 places, pass Partner R (8)
Shadow do-si-do (8)
B2. Partners balance & swing (16)
(2/2016) Tom Hinds' "Another Nice Combination" (or is it David Kaynor's "The Baby Rose"?) forms the backbone of this dance, hence the familiar B part figures. The A2 figure is borrowed from Cary Ravitz's "Whitewater," hence the titular nod to Cary and his penchant for alliteration.

While i consider it an original dance in that it has a distinct hook compared to the Hinds and Kaynor dances it descends from, i view my role here less as author and more as remixer. After dancing "Whitewater," I'd been mulling ways to incorporate that sequence's circle right and swing the next progression figure into a more accessible dance. While the motion path is nearly identical to a left hand star progression, the momentum and moment of surprise provided by turning into the swing are a nice change of pace. Keeping things inside the minor set with a partner do-si-do (a la "The Baby Rose") provides a simpler, built-in variation.