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Paul's Peregrinations

cowritten with Jim Hemphill

improper, progressed: Neighbors swing

A1. Gents in front: clockwise mad robin (6)
shift L to new Neighbors (2)
Gents in front: counterclockwise mad robin (6)
Gents pass L to cross (2)
A2. Ladies ricochet (2) and fall back to
Partners swing (14)
B1. Long lines go forward & back (8)
Ladies chain across (8)
B2. in a ring, balance (4) and Wowee:
Gents Partner roll away across and Neighbors swing (12)
(8/2013) The first mad robin traces a right shoulder (do-si-do) path, while the second traces a left shoulder (seesaw) path. The A1-A2 phrase-crossing quasi-hey is foreshortened to allow a longer partner swing.

While i was touring the mid-Atlantic, prolific Missouri choreographer Jim Hemphill caught me on Gchat at 2 a.m., and proposed some tweaks to his dance "Mad Robin Migrations II." Jim offered me naming rights; i took the tweaks a bit farther to make the new dance's storyline my own.

The sequence is dedicated to Paul McKechnie, at the time an enthusiastic newcomer to the contra scene. He once traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia to meet a maker of hand pan drums, and often rides a 400cc Honda scooter to dances scattered about northern New England. We also share a fondness for Nightingale's "Trois" album - hence the titular pun.