The dance sequences on this site are offered for the use of callers to perform and share alike, with attribution.
As part of an oral, or folk process, tradition, they may be modified into new forms by other choreographers.
These dances may be reproduced in printed form but may not be sold or republished without permission.

REVISED! All the Math in the 'Verse  -  weave promenade, twirl, star, swing

RoJoSo  -  neighbor-y Dublin Bay variant, #2s gate #1s CW, 2 swings

Belfast Bay  -  partner-y Dublin Bay variant, 3 swings - walk A1 only

Bread  -  both roles rollaway; along/across; just 4 moves!

Sourdough  -  "Bread" plus a petronella to face new Nbrs

Water [+variants]  -  R&L through, deconstructed

A Ravitzingly Rosy Recombination  -  circle R > swing next

Twirly Minds Think Alike  -  mad robin hey meltdown

Paul's Peregrinations  -  2x mad robin > ricochet hey, wowee

Tilting @ Whirligigs  -  proper partner star-promenades

The Trouble with Trible  -  role-reversed R&L through, orbit

Don't Think, Dance  -  peak petronella politics

Diamonds in the Rough  -  2x petronella diamonds > diagonal waves

Soul Reversal  -  2x petronella, wowee, circle L > R progression

Flourish & Blotts  -  diagonal hey, petronella > partner reunion