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Flourish & Blotts

Paul Baker, with Tavi Merrill

A1. on the L diagonal: Ladies chain (8)
(same diagonal) ladies pass R: half hey (8)
A2. Neighbors balance & swing (16)
B1. across: R&L through (8)
to form a ring with neighbor and shadow
Ring balance and Petronella twirl (8) to face Partner
B2. Partners balance & swing (16)
(2/2012) In A1, ladies chain to a new neighbor, and return along the diagonal while the neighbor gent follows (she's home, he's crossed and progressed). After performing the R&L through with this neighbor - and your shadow - a little extra twirl out of the petronella pulls off the partner reunion and progression at once!

This dance belongs mostly to my friend Paul Baker. Paul had been mulling ideas for a dance, and after i announced i'd be doing a session at the 2012 Downeast Country Dance Festival entitled "Down Diagon Alley," he bounced those ideas off me in a facebook chat. The result was this diagonal journey to a magical partner reunion, named for the fictional bookshop.