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Don't Think, Dance

duple whogivesadarn*

A1. in a ring, balance (4) and Petronella turn
directly into Partners swing (12)
A2. Ladies chain across (8)
Ladies pass R: half hey; then face up or down (8)
B1. new Neighbors balance & swing (16)
B2. in a ring, balance and Petronella turn; repeat (8,8)
(9/2014) I'm pro-clap -- but don't be greedy! Ain't nobody got time for claps in A1. Making the transition from petronella to swing without stopping takes a certain knack which experienced dancers will figure out quickly. It's a satisfying hook if nailed, but takes practice, so use judiciously.

*Line up improper, but be warned, it doesn't stay that way. This dance technically has the 2s crossed (a formation some call "indecent"), but you could start in any non-becket duple minor formation and it'll still work.

This dance began as a variation on Chuck Roth's "The Blue-Haired Girl."