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Diamonds in the Rough

video: "Diamonds" danced in Charlotte, NC

A1. Partners balance & swing (16)
A2. Ladies chain across (8)
with Neighbor, look for Shadow on the L diagonal:
L diagonal pass through (4) Neighbors California twirl (4)
to form a diamond with these shadows,
Ladies facing up and down, Gents across
B1. Diamonds balance and Petronella spin right; repeat (8,8)
B2. on the R diagonal:
same Neighbors RH balance and box the gnat (8)
Gents catch L hands to form a diagonal wave:
waves balance and all spin R, Ladies spinning along the diagonal (8)
to meet Partner, progressed
(5/2012) Dancers may find it helpful to note that the shadows they pass through with will be the same two they form the diamond with. Waiting out with their neighbor in A2, they'll reenter with the B2 box the gnat/waves.

At the beginning of B2, note that members of the original hands-four are aligned along the right diagonal, ladies who chained now back to back in the center. Proper spacing along the set helps ensure dancers progress with the diagonal balance and slide. Too little room along the set will create confusion when forming diamonds, but too much room and dancers may need to shift left slightly for the chain with new neighbors.

A dramatic reunion inspired in part by Bob Isaacs' "Leap of Faith". I'd been thinking about the relative rarity of petronella diamonds in new choreography, and searching for a novel way to form diamonds. Dave Eisenstadter supplied the idea of a B2 box-the-gnat; many thanks to George Marshall and Jack Mitchell for helping fine-tune this dance!