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A1. Ring balance; Ladies Neighbor rollaway (with a half sashay) along (8)
Ring balance; Gents Partner rollaway across (8)
A2. Neighbor balance and swing (16)
B1. Ladies draw to Partners swing (16)
B2. Circle L 3 places (leisurely, 8)
Neighbors Right-hand balance and pull by (8)
(1/2017) Rollaway with a half sashay is perhaps the purest distillation of weight-sharing, yet compared to the more complex chain, conspicuously absent from much of the choreography used with beginning dancers. In the interest of teaching only one new move per dance, i sought here to use the ring balance and rollaway as a means of "punching down dough" - drilling weight sharing, building muscle memory, and reinforcing key hall awareness concepts "along" and "across."

Alternate progression options: Make B2.B a ring balance, and substitute #2s arch / #1s duck through, Ladies Neighbor rollaway along, or pass neighbors by the right shoulder to progress.