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All the Math in the 'Verse

improper, double progression

with Partners, in promenade position - hands in front for a twirl!*

A1. Weave the line, veering R to pass portside of N1 Neighbors
and L past N0 Neighbors' starboard (with a RH twirl to swap) (8)
new "Neighbor now" four: (LOL) Ladies in lead,
RH (wrist) star once around (8)
A2. Partners (16) swing, whirl, flourish as you wish
but be on time...
B1. Long lines go forward & back (8)
Ladies chain across (8) and lead right to
B2. Circle R full (8), and pass LEFT! with N1 Neighbor (2)
to R Spiral with the previous (N0) Nbr (6)
(5/2014, revised 5/2017) *This sequence is an attempt to encode and embed reminders about consent culture into the figures themselves. I like "Mal/River" as role terms here; since Rivers are leading figures from both right and left positions in the partner pair, "Lead/Follow" do not work as role terms for this sequence.

Ask partners right up front: What kind of flourishing are you up for? If twirls are off the table, a hands-behind promenade is in order. Partners have ample time to discuss how to spend the next 16-count "as you wish." B2 could be Spiral, Mad Robin, DoSiDo.

This dance works better with the "Crazy Ivan" central figure right up front! Teaching it as a "weave the line" may work best. Hands-in-front promenade is a yoke both dancers can steer; after disengaging left hands Mal make a bridge and River flow (not follow!) under into the (starboard) RH star. At the ends: Simply turn around and (twirl to) have Ladies on the LEFT, ready to lead a right-hand star with now neighbors.

The title refers to this scene from "Serenity."

Aboard a flight east, i began bouncing choreography ideas off Ron T. Blechner. Our Browncoat-themed collaboration yielded two distinct dances; i called his, Captain Tight-Pants, at my next gig, but (fittingly enough) only remembered having composed this sequence months later, when i was again airborne.