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duple - in lines of four, facing the band (viewed from stage, L-R: #2G,#1L,#2L,#1G)
LIFEHACK! from improper, CL3, P swing, then walk B2. Wait out with Ladies on LEFT.
A1. All fall back four, turn toward Nbr face down, four steps forward (8)
All fall back four, turn toward Nbr face up, four steps forward (8)
A2. #2s gate the #1s around clockwise, and 2s spin R to (6)
new Neighbor swing (10)
B1. Circle L 3 places, Partner swing (16)
B2. Long lines forward (4) and Ladies roll the Gents away (4)
retiring, Gents assist to : Ladies Spiral/DoSiDo 1.5 (8)
to lines of four, all facing the band...
(5/28-29/17) Composed in honor of Robert Coren and John Gintell, who gave me a place to find my way in the world and nurtured my commitment to folkdance, and danced for the first time at the Concord Scout House on Memorial Day, one day after its writing.

A neighbor-driven counterpart to "Belfast Bay." Dislike falling back? Substitute the original Dublin Bay figure or other variants in A1 as desired.

A2 here is designed to teach/drill spinning over right shoulders to swing, a movement that is part of both wave balance and slide reunions and "string of swings" interactions. "Inactive" (#2) dancers initiate the gate turn, or hand cast, sending #1s around to their right as the #2s continue spinning over right shoulders and open their arms to catch and swing new #1s!