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Above is Brooklyn, NY - photo courtesy of Chris Chin.
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March 2017 @ Flagstaff, AZ
contra, walkthrough, Sicilian circle
"Back of the Envelope" by Dugan Murphy
"Whynot Swing Your Partner," Jonathan Sivier & Roger Whynot
with Updraft (Elena Martin, Judy Francis, Mary Anne Mcleod, Mike Reddig)

May 2013 @ Catapult Festival - Atlanta, GA
"Rollaway Sue" by Bob Isaacs
with Steam! (Alice Boyle, Claire Zucker, David Firestine, Robert Rosenberg)

November 2011 @ MIT Folk Dance Club - Cambridge, MA
"Berea Reunion" by Scott Higgs
with Dandelion Wine (Julie Vallimont, Pan Chan, Phil Pitha)