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I've been dancing since I was 10 (and I just turned 30!) and I've never come across a caller with a style like yours. It was such a breath of fresh air to dance to your smooth, fast, fun, unorthodox approach.

- Wheeler Munroe, Asheville NC


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[1/30/14] The first tablet-optimized version is here! Soon to come, pages for my film and photography.

I'm self-taught at coding, so apologies for the rough edges along the way to a fully responsive-design site. Feedback is always welcome!

[1/1/14] It was an honor and pleasure to call some of contradance's finest venues - from Greenfield's Guiding Star Grange to Asheville's Old Farmers' Ball to the Spanish Ballroom in Glen Echo, Maryland - and work with truly talented musicians.

I spent the latter half of 2013 on hiatus, and will still be booking conservatively as i get settled in Tucson, AZ, but i'm looking forward to my first gig here, Tucson's annual gender-free dance on January 18, and more gigs west of the rockies to come!