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next gig - Dec. 20 - with The Privy Tippers - Tucson, AZ


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[10/28/14] As i sit outside under a string of white lights in perfect desert-night air, i'm so happy to call Tucson home. But i'm also busy booking a winter tour to Georgia and North Carolina. Dates up soon!

[6/2/14] Packing up 31 years of New England life to make the westward move official. Along the way, i'm looking forward to call Deerfield, NH and Asheville, NC's Grey Eagle both for a third time, and to meet the fine folks of Memphis, TN!

Now that Tucson is "base camp" -- and i have a completely portable job -- i'm eager to explore and call dances throughout the western states.

[1/30/14] I'm self-taught at coding, so apologies for the rough edges along the way to a fully responsive-design site. Feedback is always welcome!

[1/1/14] It was an honor and pleasure to call some of contradance's finest venues - from Greenfield's Guiding Star Grange to Asheville's Old Farmers' Ball to the Spanish Ballroom in Glen Echo, Maryland - and work with truly talented musicians.

I spent the latter half of 2013 on hiatus, and will still be booking conservatively as i get settled in Tucson, AZ, but i'm looking forward to my first gig here, Tucson's annual gender-free dance on January 18, and more gigs west of the rockies to come!