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oh, hi!

I'm Tavi Merrill, contradance caller, Boston-bred and a Tucson transplant.

Unfamiliar with contra? It's more than two centuries of human-powered dance trance, constantly evolving, almost always done to live music. Rather than an explanation, here's a few of my favorite videos of contradancers in action.

Seasoned contrarian or organizer? Peruse the site for more about my calling, including videos and original dance sequences. I'm privileged to be part of a great dance community here in Arizona, and love to venture afield whenever i can. Feel free to send me an email!

[10/20/15] 2015 has been a tough year thanks to sudden job loss in March, but what a blast the Peterborough Fall Ball was! Still job-hunting. Looking forward to the next chapter of this adventurous life, and to calling on the west coast as soon as i can.