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oh, hi!

Thanks for dropping by! I'm contradance caller Tavi Merrill, Boston-bred, Maine-trained, now a Tucson transplant.

[4/26/16] Had an adventure calling Phoenix when i forgot my caller box on a light rail train - many thanks to Hasan and Domenic for getting the box back to me! I'll be at the Tucson Folk Festival this weekend helping promote TFTM and a special 90-minute beginner workshop Claire Zucker and i will be leading May 7. Had a fantastic time dancing in Prescott, AZ over the weekend - thanks to Judy, Marcel, Bev, Larry and all my hosts, ride-sharers and dance partners - and finally got motivated to upload Fall Ball video.

Seasoned contrarian or organizer? Peruse the site for more about my calling, including videos and original dance sequences. I'm privileged to be part of a great dance community here in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, and love to venture afield whenever i can. Feel free to send me an email!

Unfamiliar with contra? It's more than two centuries of human-powered dance trance, constantly evolving, usually done to live Celtic and folk-fusion music. Contra is a community dance form featuring interactions with a partner - usually a new partner for each dance sequence - and a variety of neighbors you encounter in the course of the dance. Though contra shares many moves with square dancing, brief sequences of figures are repeated many times over with new neighbors allowing the caller to get out of the way and let the dancers and musicians come together in a rhythmic trance i like to call "the sweet spot." Pictures are better than words at conveying what we do, and videos are worth even more: here's a few of my favorite YouTube links to show contradancers in action.